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Team W L T GB
Welland Blue Jays (6) 7 1 0 0
MOSQUITO 1 6 1 1 0.5
PELHAM 6 1 0 0.5
MOSQUITO 3 8 3 2 0.5
Welland Expos (4) 5 8 1 4.5
Welland Rays (2) 3 11 0 7
MOSQUITO 5 2 10 2 7


Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Monday, August 13, 2018

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  • Final Tournament Game 1: Yankees @ Braves

    Yankees fall short in final tournament with 13 - 3 loss to Braves in the opening game Saturday morning. Yankee pitching could not stop the Braves hot bats, as the Braves collected 10 hits including 2 home run... More
  • Playoff Game 7: Yankees at Rangers

    The badluck continues for the Yankees as they drop the final playoff game before the end of year tournament, with a 9 - 2 loss to the Rangers. Marcus Santoro and Rookie callup Kyle got the only hits in the ga... More
  • Playoff Game 2: Yankees @ Braves

    The Yankees drop makeup game form the July 24 rainout versus the Braves with a 12 to 5 loss Monday night at Memorial Park. With the loss the Yankees Playoff record falls to 2 and 4 with one game remaining. No... More
  • Yankees and Rangers washed out Wednesday night

    Yankees and Rangers playoff game Wednesday night at Memorial Park was washed out due to ongoing rain all day long. The rain out leaves the Yankees with 2 games to make up this coming week. Playoff game 2 vers... More
  • Playoff Game 6: Yankees @ Rays

    The Mark's Yankees winning streak comes to an end at 2 games with Wednesdays loss to the Rays at Memorial Park. The Yankees lost the close fought battle 9 -7 despite having many chances, leaving bases loaded ... More
  • Playoff Game 5: Pelham Pirates @ Yankees

    The Mark's Yankees win second in a row with 9 - 4 win over Pelham Pirates Monday night at Memorial Park. Tytan Worrall gets the start and goes almost 2 perfect innings allowing 0 runs off 0 hits while giving ... More
  • Playoff Game 4: Yankees @ Expos

    The Mark's Yankees pickup their first playoff win with a 10 - 3 victory Sunday night at Memorial Park. The Yankees got a complete effort from all as they combined for 10 runs of 7 hits while walking 10 times ... More
  • Playoff Game 3: Port Colborne @ Yankees

    The Mark's Yankees can't hold on to early lead as they drop game 2 of the playoffs 9 - 6 to Port Colborne Thursday night at Memorial Park. The Yankees had a 5 - 3 lead going into the 3rd inning but gave up a ... More
  • Playoff Game 2: Yankees @ Braves

    The Mark's Yankees are rained out for the first time this season, as Tuesday nights game at Trelawn Park against the Braves gets called in the middle of the 2nd inning. As the Yankees batted in the top half o... More
  • Playoff Game 1: Blue Jays @ Yankees

    The Marks Yankees drop game 1 of the playoffs to the Blue Jays by a score of 10 to 11. Tytan Worrall and Marcus Santoro both went 2 for 2 at the plate each connecting with their first home runs of the playoff... More
  • Game Recap: Yankees @ Rangers

    The Marks Yankees and Rangers deadlock to a 4 -4 draw in their final regular season game at Memorial Park Wednesday Night. Lucas Cohoe got the start and continued to pitch shutout baseball allowing 0 runs on ... More
  • Game Recap: Yankees @ Blue Jays

    The Marks Yankees can't contain the red hot Blue Jays as the lose 8 to 4 Sunday night at Memorial Park. Noah Forrester got the start for the Yankees pitching 2 innings, allowing 6 runs (5 earned) on 4 hits an... More
  • Game Recap: Yankees @ Pelham

    The Marks Yankees come up short in Pelham despite only having 7 players with a 5 to 3 score Thursday night at Centennial Park. Playing with 1 outfielder and an infield constantly shifting Lucas Cohoe and Noah... More
  • Game Recap: Rays @ Yankees

    The Marks Yankees lose due to forfeit after winning what turns out to be an exhibition game 12 to 7. With the Yankees having only 5 roster players available (Jenna Lilley, Dallas Brear, Nate Smith, Tytan Worr... More
  • Game Recap: Braves @ Yankees

    The Mark's Yankees and the Sport Chek Braves finished deadlocked at 8 runs a piece Friday night at Memorial Park 2. Lucas Cohoe started for the Yankees and gave up 2 runs, only one earned, while striking out ... More
  • Game Recap: Yankees @ Port Colborne

    The Marks Yankees broke their season best with 9 hits Tuesday night breaking their previous high of 7 which was done twice earlier on the season, however it wasn't enough to get past Port Colborne as they los... More
  • Game Recap: Expos @ Yankees

    The Mark's Yankees get their second win of the season with a 7 to 6 win Thursday night at Trelawn Park. The win comes thanks to the Drop Dead Time rule which states that " If home team is not winning, the gam... More
  • Game Recap: Rangers @ Yankees

    The Marks Yankees cant hold onto late lead and lose 8 to 6 to the Rangers Thursday night at Memorial Park 2. The Yankees gave up the lead in the fifth and final inning after holding the lead up until that poi... More
  • Game Recap: Pelham Pirates @ Yankees

    The Mark's Yankees fall to 1 and 5 record with close loss to the Pelham Pirates Friday night losing 9 to 5 at Memorial Park. The Yankees combined for 5 runs on 4 hits while picking up only 5 walks. 3 of the 5... More
  • Game Recap: Yankees @ Rays

    The Mark's Yankees pick up their first win of the season Thursday night with a 8 to 3 win over the Rays at Memorial Park. Offensively the Yankees combined for 8 runs on 5 hits while walking 9 times. Lucas Coh... More
  • Game Recap: Yankees @ Braves

    The Mark's Yankees came up short againts the Sport Chek Braves with a 7 to 6 loss friday night at Memorial Park, with the loss the Yankees drop to 0 - 4 on the season. The Yankees scored their only runs in th... More
  • Game Recap: Port Colborne @ Yankees at Trelawn Park

    The Mark's Yankees lose third straight with a 13 to 3 loss to Port Colborne Monday night at Trelawn Park. Locas Cohoe got the start and continued to pitch well despite giving up 4 runs while striking out 4 ba... More
  • Game Recap: Blue Jays @ Yankees at Memorial Park

    The Mark's Yankees come up short against the CT Blue Jays in their home opener at Memorial Park friday night with a 12 to 6 loss. The Yankees scored their 6 runs on a combination of only 4 hits but had 10 wal... More
  • Game Recap: Yankees @ Expos at Trelawn Park

    The Mark's Yankees lose the season opener to the Expos in a 10-1 loss at Trelawn Park Thursday night. Nate Smith drove in the only Yankee run in the second inning scoring Jenna Lilley with an RBI single. Tyta... More
  • Welcome To Your Team Website

    This is the beginning of something really great. As you can see, all teams now have their very own website! Along with displaying all of your Team Schedules, Results and Standings, these websites will all... More
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    Applications are being accepted for 2019 Rep & Select Coaches.

H - Hits

Tytan Worrall 18
Lucas Cohoe 16
Noah Forrester 8

R - Runs

Tytan Worrall 11
Lucas Cohoe 10
Marcus Santoro 7

1B - Singles

Tytan Worrall 11
Lucas Cohoe 10
Nate Smith 5

2B - Doubles

Tytan Worrall 4
Noah Forrester 2
Lucas Cohoe 2

3B - Triples

Lucas Cohoe 3
Tytan Worrall 1
Noah Forrester 1

HR - Home Runs

Tytan Worrall 2
Noah Forrester 1
Lucas Cohoe 1

RBI - Runs Batted In

Lucas Cohoe 13
Noah Forrester 11
Tytan Worrall 10

BB - Base On Balls

Max Primroy 11
Joshua Taylor 10
Marcus Santoro 9

SB - Stolen Bases

Tytan Worrall 14
Max Primroy 10
Lucas Cohoe 10

AVG - Average

Tytan Worrall .643
Lucas Cohoe .615
Noah Forrester .471

W - Wins

Tytan Worrall 1
Adam Hantjuk 1
Noah Forrester 0

IP - Innings Pitched

Lucas Cohoe 20
Tytan Worrall 18
Noah Forrester 9

SO - Strike Outs

Lucas Cohoe 41
Tytan Worrall 35
Noah Forrester 14

SV - Saves

Lucas Cohoe 1
Marcus Santoro 0
Tytan Worrall 0